Event Report: Kill Teams at the Bunker 10/2/2016

Two weeks ago, veterans and new players alike at Evil Dice came together for an epic Kill Team clash!

Sixteen players battled over the course of a bloody afternoon, playing three custom missions designed by Evil Dice’s own Anthony Li.

As I was participating, I only managed to snag pictures of a few of the armies in residence, but we had an excellent variety of attendees. Slaaneshi noise marines duked it out with mobs of Ork Boyz and jet-propelled Necron Triarch Praetorians fought warp-spawned daemons across eight fully decked out tables.

Imperial Guard veteran Razor takes the shot against Iron Hands vanguard Brother Qintz Silv


The numerous Boyz of Toofgrubba’s mob encircle a tactical squad of determined Dark Angels
Sgt. Ortega’s LIA ride to battle aboard their trusty rusty steed
Ragtag killbikerz of the great Waaaghdynasty charge out to meet the enemy head on


When the dust settled, only one force had gone unscathed, and even that was with a couple incredibly close games: Dave’s Khorne Daemons managed to out-chop the competition even though Keith’s wily necrons amassed more points. Games were bloody and close all around, and the sportsmanship and camraderie displayed by all was a testament to the guiding principles of Evil Dice. Hopefully players left excited for the next event: Combat Patrol on October 16th! All are welcome, you can sign up and find rules and details here:¬†https://www.evildice40k.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=270

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