Purge the Alien, Kill the Mutant: Genestealer Cult Gallery

Returning for the first time since 2nd edition, from the shadows come the Genestealer Cults!

These human/xenos hybrids represent the oft-overlooked grubby underbelly of the vast imperium, and use a mix of scavenged or stolen imperial guard equipment and crude conventional arms to overwhelm the foe in devastating ambushes.

I was incredibly pleasantly surprised to see their full-scale release with multipart plastic with all new weapon options. Most of my Cult collection is from Deathwatch: Overkill, but I have got a chance to put some paint on some of the new models, so in honor of the release, here’s a brief Genestealer Cult model gallery!


First of all, the models that most excite me as a lover of “underdog” units like guardsmen and gretchins were the Neophytes. On the tabletop they operate like somewhat more customizable Imperial Guard squads, but they also gain access to the feared genecult sneakery in exchange for losing access to IG orders. Between traitorous Guard allies and cultists, my army is likely to consist mostly of plucky, adorable little T3 bodies.

For my paint scheme, I wanted to try out a “prison gang using stolen riot gear” look for my cult, because I figured that would allow me to have some fun imagining the brutal ways the Adeptus Arbites of 40k keep order in the Hives.


The Primus leads his acolytes to overtake another imperial position. Facing acolytes on the tabletop is currently a scary proposition, as they can pop up anywhere they please and sometimes even charge right out of reserve, but in terms of visuals they aren’t my favorite. The mutated Hybrid Metamorphs or Aberrants are much more of what I’d like to have in my army.


I am lucky enough to have about a dozen of the excellent genestealer sculpts from Space Hulk already in my collection, and I love the way they look lurking in a ruin alongside the massive Patriarch.


The only model of the new release I was really less than happy about was the official “Acolyte Iconward” who doesn’t really have anything to distinguish him from one of the standard Acolytes in the base kit. Since I wanted to run him with the hulking Aberrants anyway to boost their feel no pain, it seemed only natural that the Iconward should be some sort of roided up mutant fellow himself. The free Slaughterpriest from the first White Dwarf made a perfect base for the kitbash. Also, I found that adding extra equipment from a different kit was much easier when you could easily justify just sticking a third arm on a dude.


Finally, my newly finished Magus preaches the good word to his congregation. I’m absolutely in love with this wonderful lovecraftian model, and I’m glad that the Genestealer psychic discipline turned out to be both unique and awesome, rather than them just getting stuck with boring ol’ Telepathy.


Undoubtedly, the new Genestealer Cults are a cool addition to the 40k range, and I only hope that I can begin to do them justice. I’ve gotten tons of practice with making skin tones and faces with these, and they certainly look great posed with the terrain we have here at the Hobby Bunker.

2 thoughts on “Purge the Alien, Kill the Mutant: Genestealer Cult Gallery

  • October 12, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    Your cult looks awesome. Would you recommend basing the bigger Space Hulk genestealers on 40 mm bases or would that still be too big?

    • October 12, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      The two Purestrains that came with Deathwatch: Overkill were on 32mm marine-sized bases, and I think as soon as I have enough models that need them I’d probably get a set of those fancy new molded bases. I got the 25mm/40mm box of those and my biggest problem with them so far is the box came with so many I can’t use them all.

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