Necrons vs Dark Angels: Evil Dice Community Batrep

This excellent battle report and images come from Evil Dice’s Andrew and Rich, who wrote up an awesome battle report after a close game.

Necron List:

Reclamation Legion
Overlord Quherty with Nightmare Shroud (Rolled Zealot Warlord Trait)
3 Tomb Blades (Necron player forgot to field them)
6 Immortals
20 Warriors in 2 Ghost Arks
Star-God: Nightbringer
Living Tomb: Necron Obelisk
Flayed Ones: 7 Flayed Ones
Combined Arms Detachment
1 Cryptek, 2 squads of 5 Immortals each
Forgeworld Night Shroud Bomber
Forgeworld Pylon- upgraded with Death Ray

Dark Angels List:

Dark Angels CAD
5x Deathwing Knights in Land Raider Crusader
Venerable Dreadnought with plasma cannon
2x 10-man tactical squads in drop pods
5 tactical marines in razorback
5 Assault marines
Nephilim Jetfighter
5 Devastators

Oathsworn Detachment:
Cerastus Knight Lancer (Only ranged attack is a short-range anti armor attack. Can only shield itself one side or front, but keeps its invulnerable save in close combat. A knight specialized in handling other superheavies.)

The Mission

Rolled for Maelstrom: Deadlock (6 cards, lose 1 each turn), Night Fighting, and Vanguard Strike. Dark Angels deployed second, but seized initiative.

“They have come to our world seeking forbidden knowledge. Their temerity will earn them extinction.”

The game started in disaster for the Necrons as Dark Angel forces steamrolled up the board and pounded the Nightbringer (2 wounds left) and Death Ray Pylon (dead), grabbing all kinds of objectives and finishing with 4 points. Necrons fired back, and gaussed the Land Raider to death, but rolled poorly otherwise and didn’t draw attainable objectives.


A Veil of Darkness teleport of the Overlord and 6 Immortals was sadly off target and failed to kill any Devastators guarding a necessary “other side of the board” objective, though the Nightbringer managed to Tesla blast the terminators and kill 2 on the charge.


“The Devastator squad cheered as the Xenos war engine exploded in the distance, and Sergeant Jaxon nodded in approval. “The Emperor Protects”, he murmured, watching the mighty Cerastus Knight thunder toward the fragile looking Necron war engines. “Right, target the..” A shiver in the world behind them caused the Sergeant to look over his shoulder at the 7 figures striding out of the darkness. The lead figure raised a staff glowing with power. “Down!” he screamed as energy beams began to rake the fragile walls surrounding them.”

As turn 2 began, Ezekiel finished off the Nightbringer, though an additional Terminator was lost to the explosion, and the Cerastus polished off most of a squad of Warriors and their transport.


“Overlord Quherty raised his voice and screamed to the enslaved Shard of the Nightbringer, who hurled itself mindlessly at the humans’ leader. Remarkably, they did not immediately die- it seemed their leader was a powerful Psyker. The Overlord shook his head in contempt of these disgusting beings and their resilience, more so as a giant crude mechanism blew up a valuable Ghost Ark before striding forward to crush the Necron Warriors within. As the remaining 2 Warriors broke and ran, the Overlord surveyed the rest of the battlefield. The human roaches were everywhere- on one corner beating his Immortals off a valuable objective, in another, seizing Necron relics for further defilement. He glyphed to the Cryptek holding his force in reserve. “Now.”




Assault marines dived at the Cryptek and his Immortals, though the Cryptek would survive for another 2 turns. The score was 8-1 DA’s as the Necron reserves came in.
Ezekiel climbed slowly to his feet, spitting blood, the smoldering ruin of the Cerastus Knight propped against the wall of the ruined building. The body of his last Deathwing Knight lay across him- his last act had been to shield Ezekiel from the titanic explosion. Painfully twisting his head, Ezekiel saw the dark crescent zooming off for another bombing run against his men- it spat fire as it flew and Devastators on the building opposite died. Worse still, an enormous Necron structure had appeared in the center of the battlefield, releasing lightning which crawled over his troops as if alive. He began to vox orders to his Meltaguns to return fire, when his psychic senses began screaming at him. In the shadows, glinting metal claws were almost gently opening the body of Terminator Captain Eustace, as metal jaws sank to feed.


The Night Shroud Bomber would only miss once in the rest of the game, and would account for 5 marines, 4 HP off the Cerastus Knight, 2 Devastators, and most of a Razorback. The Obelisk was similarly brutal, throwing 20 ST7 Tesla shots all over the table. With the command squad and Cerastus destroyed, the dynamic of the game shifted at this turn from “Necrons getting tabled” to “DA’s keep from getting tabled to win”.

“My Lord?” Cryptek Immortus glyphed “When can I expect support? I am hard pressed”. Chainswords bit into the Cryptek’s Necrodermic flesh, though the wounds healed as soon as they were inflicted. The humans’ crude walker swiveled toward Quherty and began blasting away his honor guard of Immortals. The humans were focusing fire on him now, and he was isolated and his guard was being picked off. Worse still, the humans had spread to every corner of the battlefield, and were attempting to escape with the vital information they had already gathered. Quherty snarled and cut off the Cryptek in mid plea to open a channel to all his forces: “Kill them all!”



As turn 3 began, the DA’s had control over 5 out of 6 objectives and a solid lead on points. However, being scattered meant that they were out of range to focus fire, and the Necrons were starting to gang up on isolated units. The Obelisk and Night Shroud bomber in the center of the board both had good shots at several key units, and they couldn’t be destroyed. The DA’s flyer flew off the table, the marines hunkered down on objectives, the Dread and Devastators blasted at the Overlord, and Ezekiel ran away from the Flayed Ones to join the ongoing battle against the Cryptek and his remaining Immortal (leaving just the Cryptek). On the Necrons’ turn, the remaining Ghost Ark advanced to blast the Drop pod Marines in the deployment zone, the Overlord successfully charged and killed the remaining Devastators, while the Bomber and Obelisk shot up the backfield. At this point, the DA’s retained 8 marines, 1 Razorback, 2 Drop Pods, 1 Dread, Ezekiel, 4 assault Marines, and the Flyer.

“Grand Master! We are being annihilated!” Ezekiel joined the fray in hopes of striking down the Necrons’ leader, but the construct was more resilient than he expected. “Orders sir!” As he looked around the battlefield, Ezekiel realized that the chapter has lost much of their forces and was in danger of losing the battle. His servitors had downloaded much useful information from the Necrons’ archives on the locations of their Tomb Worlds, but this would mean nothing if they were lost. From the shadows came the scrape of metal on rock- the shambling Necrons dressed in the skins of his dead had found him again. The words tasting like bile in his mouth, Ezekiel voxed “Prepare to retreat”.

Turn 4- the “Kill the Overlord” turn. Pretty much everything that can fire at the Necron Overlord does (Dread, marines, some vehicles). He goes to ground and doesn’t take any wounds thanks to Rezzie protocols (Sorry Rich, I forgot he had Zealot, but I also forgot that the Obelisk has a gravity pulse that makes flyers take dangerous terrain checks). Necrons begin to clean up the field, (lucky shooting from Warriors takes out Ezekiel, Flayed Ones clean away the Assault Marines, Bomber destroys the Dread and flies off, Obelisk cleans away marines) and at the end of the turn, we’re left with a drop pod, an immobilized Razorback, and the Nephilim Jetfighter.


Quherty was beyond rage. It was inconceivable that he was forced to crouch in this human cave while the battle raged on. Gradually, the crackle of tesla weapons and roar of exploding vehicles died down, and the Overlord raised himself up. The field was again cleansed of flesh, and at last the Necrons could sieze what they came for and return to more civilized…a roar overhead closed the Overlord’s thoughts. A single ship remained in the sky! Quherty raised a single finger to point and his army obeyed

As we rolled for a 5th turn, things didn’t look good for the DA’s. The immobilized vehicles were disposed of, and the Obelisk and ghost ark full of Warriors snap fire target the Nephilim. Unfortunately (for me), its 3+ rerollable Jink is too tough to overcome and the game comes down to a single dice roll to see if we go to turn 6…

With deep sorrow, the Nephilim pilot surveyed the wreckage of the battlefield. The Xenos had hit hard, and none of their forces were left. Small pings on the hull told the pilot that his fighter was being targeted, and remembering Ezekiel’s orders, he began to fly off the field through a storm of Gauss fire.

And roll a 2. Game over, well deserved Dark Angel victory. Thanks to Rich for an excellent game!

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