Spear of the God-Emperor: Rich’s Incredible Imperial Knight Lancer

Last sunday was a great day at Evil Dice, with some of the highest turnout we’ve seen in the past few months. Since a lot of people were taking the time to get into some modeling and painting, I thought it would make sense to feature an amazing piece from Rich (Richhammer on the forum). When he was my opponent at Evil Dice’s recent “team maelstrom” event, his army won Best Painted in an absolute landslide, and anyone who’s played against him will remember his gorgeous Dark Angels. But on Sunday he brought along a new piece for what I think is the first time at the club: a Forgeworld Cerastus Knight-Lancer.


The Lancer is an anti-superheavy specialist, giving up one of its weapons for an invulnerable shield that works in melee as well as ranged combat.

img_20161023_145917171 Rich’s knight is fully magnetized at the arms, head and torso, and painted up in Adeptus Mechanicus colors in contrast with the black and dark green Dark Angels it travels along with, making it an awesome centerpiece.


Rich makes heavy use of washes, shading and undercoats to keep the silver understructure of the knight from becoming monotonous.


It takes a certain level of dedication to carefully paint lines on a viewscreen on the inside of a vehicle covered up by an armor plate.


Rich bought one of the older, smaller rhino models off of ebay where they go for pretty cheap, and used it to take full advantage of the Cerastus knight’s fully poseable legs and feet


If you’re looking to create a custom basing effect, use of dirt, rocks or texture paints can be a great way to cover up imperfect cutting or posing of your models. In particular it can be a challenge to use extra bits to make enemy casualties lying around on your models’ bases, like he’s done with the Sons of Horus marine here, and things like the new texture paint line from GW can be great for filling the gaps in models originally meant to be modeled alive and standing up.

2 thoughts on “Spear of the God-Emperor: Rich’s Incredible Imperial Knight Lancer

  • October 26, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Hey Scott, thanks for the nice write up and all the kind words! I really enjoyed building and painting this model. It took a ton of time and patience. This was the Knight’s first outing and he didn’t do too bad. He did some damage including stomping some of Andrew’s Necron warriors before being taken out by the flyer and some gauss weapons. Maybe he will make another appearance some time soon. Thanks again!

  • November 7, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Scary, scary good model. Rich is being modest above- it took 20 rapid fire Gauss weapons, a Forgeworld Night Shroud Bomber, and a superheavy Obelisk to bring down the Knight with some lucky shots. He got in a charge before being blown up and smashed a Decurion squad of Warriors to death.

    Amazing paint job Rich

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