The Minrovy Conflict: Doubles Event Report

The Narrative Doubles event at the Hobby Bunker on 12/11 was a massive success, with so many people signing up to play a part in the ongoing Minrovy Conflict narrative that an entire fifth table of four players needed to be added.

Many representatives of the armies of the imperium and forces of chaos, as well as a variety of tricky xenos duked it out in five missions, each one causing an ongoing effect for the other 4 tables while the major objective was held by one side or another.

Mission 1: The Altar of Khorne

The traitorous Iron Hand Divelius returned again with his infamous Khorne Hounds again returned, seeking to secure the great Altar of Khorne and set the stage for his ascension. Athony and Kenji’s Chaotic forces duked it out with Eric and Jon’s Marines and Mechanicus.

The Space Marine warlord attempted a daring gambit to destroy the altar, drop podding directly next to it, and came incredibly close to weathering all the incoming fire required to detonate the altar, but sadly the gods of fortune were not with him that day. Though the bloodcrazed secured a major victory here, Divelius himself was crushed by the thunderous stomp of an imperial knight! Could this be the end for the dastardly hero-turned-villain of the Minrovy campaign? Or has it merely set the stage for a final, apocalyptic showdown to decide the fate of the system?

Mission 2: The Empyrean Well

Brian and Bobby’s loyalist Marine and Drop Troop forces battled with Dylan and Nathan’s crazed Guard and Necrons. The relentless pressure of the highly durable infantry on the bloodcrazed side as well as poor reserve rolling gave the loyalists trouble, and the bloodcrazed secured a minor victory through secondary objectives.

Mission 3: The Vysoki Spire

The mission my pan-Eldar forces took part in was The Vysoki Spire, a “king of the hill” style mission featuring a massive building objective and two secondary missile silos. Supported by the incredible firepower of Commander Shadowsun with a force of stealth troops and combat drones, the allied troops defended the huge multi-story building from the onslaught of innumerable genestealer cultists. The Tau/Eldar coalition took the first turn, allowing a two-turn lull before the massive cult ambush assault took place.


Unfortunately, the loyalist forces played too conservatively when it came to the mission’s secondary objective, and rather than sacrificing a cheap unit to hold both missile silos for two turns fully in control of the board, they held only the one silo needed to grant a bombardment to their allies on the other boards.


This cost the Tau and Eldar in the end, as the massive cultist horde appeared from the sewers and alleys, and from then until the game was called due to time, the cultists had full control of both missile silos. Though the tower never once fell to enemy control thanks to Tau firepower and Harlequin melee prowess, the cult claimed a solid secondary victory for the Bloodcrazed.

Mission 4: Dark Age Spacecraft

Tomas and Spencer’s Space Wolves and Iron Hands battled it out with Pete and Steven’s Space Marine Scout army and Imperial Guard Armored Company for control of the valuable technology present in the remains of the ancient hulk.



In the end, even the massive firepower of the Stormtalons and Stormlord superheavy tank were not enough to stop the melee onslaught of thunderwolves and bike-mounted techpriest, and the Minrovy Compact secured a Major victory!



Mission 5: The Distress Signal

Dave and Tom’s Blood Angels and Dark Angels strove to rescue a VIP Iron Hands captive from JP and Rob’s bloodcrazed. Despite withering fire hitting the Blood Angel forces, the Dark Angels appeared to launch a devastating surprise attack against the Space Wolves. Whether through dishonor, as alleged by the Wolves, or cunning, as claimed by the Dark Angels, the Minrovy Compact brought home a minor victory.

With the forces of Chaos maintaining their lead in the Minrovy campaign by a slim margin, prospects look dim for the imperial forces. Will their faith and perseverence carry them through in the final battle? Or will the Minrovy system drown in blood for the glory of Khorne? Only one thing is certain regarding the final stage of this conflict: It will be cataclysmic.


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  • December 14, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    For the Greater Good, Shadowsun will return!

    Awesome write-up!

  • December 16, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    Great writeup and photos. I love that everything is painted and the terrain setup looks top notch guys.

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